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CloudPi For IT teams

  • CloudPi supports four public clouds, AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI, for inventory and cost management, reports and audit reports
  • Real time cloud spend visibility across the clouds, departments and organizations
  • Effectively align with budgeting and empowers IT teams.
  • IT teams are ready with audit reports any time
Cloud Pi dashboard

CloudPi for CIO

  • ​CloudPi is one stop solution for cloud spend Analysis for CIO         
  • Provides CIO intelligence across the organization. 
  • Unleash insights by Customer and by product or by service
Cloudcost saving analyses by engineers

CloudPi for Business Units

  • Budget control and forecasting on cloud resources in one place.
  • Insights in to team activities with actionable intelligence on wastage.
  • Accurate budgeting and forecasting for teams.  
  • Assured Accountability for wastage
Analysing by people
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