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Cloud spend analysis illustration
  • CloudPi offers Cloud Cost Optimization on all four public clouds

  • Cloud spend analysis by region, by customer, by product and more.

  • CIO insights by product and by customer with recommendations.

  • Insights for Engineering teams about cloud spend ​

Cloud Spend analysis 

Multi Cloud  spend analysis illustration
  • Discover discounting price opportunities across teams

  • Cloud cost intelligence and actionable insights for multi clouds

  • CIO insights for projects in multi cloud environment

Multi Cloud Spend Analysis

​Cloud Data Platform insights and Optimization illustration
  • ​Control and visualize Data platform spend like snowflake and Databricks and more.

  • Hadoop Optimizations and usage insights

  • Databases and licensing costs

  • Potential saving opportunities by services like Data warehouse

Cloud Data Platform insights and Optimization

​Budgeting and Audits Illustration
  • Plan and control your budgets for cloud spend

  • Allocate cloud budget for projects, teams, development and testing.

  • Budget control tools and integration with Jira and Servicenow for seamless process integration

  • Comply with audit requirements for cloud administration, control and security (tagging, naming conventions, encryptions, security standards)

Budgeting and Audits

​Discover other hidden Costs illustration
  • Network transfer costs

  • Backup/snapshot costs

  • License costs

  • Network Services Optimization

  • Serverless services optimization like AWS lambda, Athena, GCP Big query, Kinesis..

Discover other hidden Costs

​Cloud Inventory illustration
  • Discovery of all cloud resources in one place     

  • Software Licenses information in one place

Cloud Inventory

​PurplePi professional service for cloud Optimization illustration
  • Customer can use our services for setup and deployment of CloudPi and Continuously measure and optimize cloud cost with the project teams to ensure that cloud savings are realised.

  •  Professional Services for cloudPi installation and service

PurplePi professional service for cloud Optimization

Discover Cloud Saving

Potential Up To 30%

with CloudPi 

Multi Cloud Cost Optimization With Actionable Insights

Working together with industry innovators

Purple Data Technologies is a trailblazing company that leads the way in providing sophisticated data products in the cloud.


We specialize in developing solutions that tackle the most pressing challenges faced by industries today. Our expertise lies in data engineering, where we excel in optimizing cloud resources, streamlining workflows, ensuring data governance, maintaining data freshness, and promoting data democratization. 

These distinctive offerings set us apart from other players in the competitive cloud market. At Purple Data Technologies, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in a rapidly changing data landscape.

Cloud  cost engineers working in cloud pi software

We have been building products since 2021


We have Saved more than $100,000


Client satisfaction around the world

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CloudPi For IT teams

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CloudPi for CIO

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CloudPi for Business Units


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​PurpleData's strategic alliances with top cloud providers empower businesses to maximize cost savings and efficiency. Partnering with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, CloudPi delivers a unified and powerful solution to optimize your multi-cloud costs effortlessly.

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