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​Unlock the power of financial clarity with our cutting-edge Pi Cost Analysis tool – your ultimate solution for meticulous cost and usage scrutiny. Designed to cater to savvy managers and data-driven decision-makers, this intuitive dashboard transforms intricate cost data into actionable insights, empowering you to visualize cloud expenses like never before.

  • Cloud spend analysis by Labels, by customer, by product and more.

  • Effortlessly group costs by service, category, tags, or custom groups and delve into the granular details with daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns

  • Insights for Engineering teams about cloud spend by cloud service category​

Multi Cloud Spend analysis 

Multi Cloud  spend analysis illustration

Your ultimate Multi Cloud Billing Hub. Designed to revamp the way you handle and optimize your cloud costs, cloudPi is an essential tool in the realm of cloud finance management. With this intelligent platform, you can bid farewell to the intricate process of tracking costs across various cloud service providers. Instead, revel in the simplicity and efficiency of having all your crucial cost and billing data consolidated in one central hub.

  • You can easily monitor all your expenses across clouds in a single pange of glass interface.

  • Forget about logging into multiple accounts. Get a bird’s-eye view of all your costs in just one dashboard.

  • It provides granular updates on your cloud spending, helping you stay on top of your expenditure.

Multi Cloud Billing Hub

​Cloud Data Platform insights and Optimization illustration

Maximize Your Cloud Efficiency with CloudPi. Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cloud Investments. it's your strategic partner in navigating the complex landscape of multi-cloud environments. With our cutting-edge Pi Cloud Optimizations, you can now effortlessly streamline your cloud spending and boost operational efficiency. 

  • CloudPi delivers unparalleled insights into your cloud resource utilization, ensuring that every dollar you spend is driving value for your business. Our comprehensive analysis identifies underused assets such as idle instances and overprovisioned resources, providing actionable recommendations to fine-tune your setup.

  • Are you capitalizing on the best discount plans available for your cloud usage? CloudPi meticulously evaluates committed usage and discount opportunities across your cloud services, advising on the most cost-effective strategies tailored to your consumption patterns.

Cloud Insights and Optimization

​Budgeting and Audits Illustration

Take Control of Your Cloud Spend with CloudPi's Precision Budgeting. Empower Your Finances with Smart, Flexible, and Real-Time Budget Management. Welcome to the future of cloud cost efficiency! At CloudPi, we understand that managing cloud expenses across multiple platforms can be as challenging as navigating a stormy sky. Our solution? A revolutionary budgeting tool that lets you take the helm and steer your business towards financial efficiency.

  • Detect anomalies and avoid surprise costs

  • Make agile adjustments to stay aligned with your financial goals

  • Define Budget Parameters: Set up custom budgets for different departments, projects, or platforms.

  • Set Thresholds: Establish spend limits and receive alerts when approaching these thresholds.

  • Allocate Resources: Assign resources precisely where they are needed most.

Budgeting and Alerts

​Discover other hidden Costs illustration
  • Network transfer costs

  • Backup/snapshot costs

  • License costs

  • Network Services Optimization

  • Serverless services optimization like AWS lambda, Athena, GCP Big query, Kinesis..

Discover other hidden Costs

​Cloud Inventory illustration

Cloud Inventory

Introducing Pi Inventory Analysis, a cutting-edge feature from CloudPi that revolutionizes the way you monitor, manage, and magnify your cloud asset efficiency. Pi Inventory Analysis illuminates your entire asset landscape, offering a crystal-clear view of what you have, where it's deployed, and how it's evolving. With our platform, you're not just observing; you're gaining insights that keep you two steps ahead.

  • Pi Inventory Analysis doesn't just capture a snapshot; it chronicles your cloud journey.

  • Track every shift, sway, and swell in your resource pool with impeccable historical records that empower you to forecast trends and make informed decisions.

  • Observe Trends, Boost Usage

  • Understanding usage patterns is key to unlocking cost savings and enhancing performance. With Pi Inventory Analysis, trend observation becomes second nature.

  • Pinpoint peak usage times and adjust with precision for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Are you ready to transform your cloud management approach?

​PurplePi professional service for cloud Optimization illustration
  • Customer can use our services for setup and deployment of CloudPi and Continuously measure and optimize cloud cost with the project teams to ensure that cloud savings are realised.

  •  Professional Services for cloudPi installation and service

PurplePi professional service for cloud Optimization

Discover Cloud Saving

Potential Up To 30%

with CloudPi 

Multi Cloud Cost Optimization With Actionable Insights

Working together with industry innovators

Purple Data Technologies is a trailblazing company that leads the way in providing sophisticated data products in the cloud.


We specialize in developing solutions that tackle the most pressing challenges faced by industries today. Our expertise lies in data engineering, where we excel in optimizing cloud resources, streamlining workflows, ensuring data governance, maintaining data freshness, and promoting data democratization. 

These distinctive offerings set us apart from other players in the competitive cloud market. At Purple Data Technologies, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in a rapidly changing data landscape.

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​PurpleData's strategic alliances with top cloud providers empower businesses to maximize cost savings and efficiency. Partnering with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, CloudPi delivers a unified and powerful solution to optimize your multi-cloud costs effortlessly.

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